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History of P1utia7601

P1utia's Channel and Predecessor Timeline

Here is the timeline of P1utia's channel and its predecessors prior to 2020.



March 2024 was a busy time for P1utia, as it released Noceurball Edits and its nickname for GeoTuber community "Nocewy", name founded by shipping or combining the ASMRist NoceurASMR and GeoTuber edit maker Memoryball Edits into a one unified custom name.

Amidst all the political challenges especially the cancellations of the People's Initiative and Marcos-Duterte tensions, and lastly personal challenges in life, the P1utia Love NoceurASMR era is still going strong as usual.


In December 2023, the edits of P1utia gradually improved to be competitive with MemoryBallEdit's aesthetics.

The 1st P1utia Love DTL era is now ended after 8 months into service, as its now succeeded by P1utia Love SunflowerASMR/NoceurASMR, however in the pro-Wintuber sector of P1utia, its still in place.

Amidst of another Islamic country under conflict, which is in Sudan, "P1utia Love DTL" era which is reinvented and revitalized after mid-May, and for preparation of content creator simp/crush change after the Nigerien crisis in Africa, P1utia prepared two variations of the "P1utia Love" series, named P1utia Love SunflowerASMR era, which will be implemented by September, and P1utia Love NyanTales ASMR era, which was implemented started late July on top of P1utia Love DTL era and ended in early September after it was succeeded by SunflowerASMR era. In October 2023, P1utia Love SunflowerASMR is now succeeding P1utia Love NyanTales, And during the October 2023 Hamas attacks on Israel event, he's now working on P1utia Love NoceurASMR era, which was implemented in 24th November.

P1utia now created the "P1utia Love DTL" edits era, which was implemented on May 2023.

Some later months of 2023 became a very rough time for P1utia, as he now begins fapping to MamaMoldova and DTW and now starting to face with multiple challenges on both sides of Robin and Scout tensions.

P1utia after the post rename now started the "Continuation Era", which is aiming at restructuring P1utia from the ground up, removing any pro-Crydiaa leftover remnants in P1utia during his years as being iLoveCrydiaa and making P1utia more influenced by his simps Dude That's Lewd, BabyPinkASMR, Varyunya and DarlingStrawb.

2011Windows7SP1 was renamed to P1utia on January 2023.


Because of 2011Windows7SP1/P1utia's fanaticism on ASMRtists after circa late November 2022 and with the final nail in the coffin, cosntantly watching of MamaMoldova and DudeTLewd's ASMR videos sometime in mid-November, made P1utia becoming pro-ASMR after December 2022, but however after this move controversies and shittalks on him occured after this circa 2023.

P1utia supported the Iranian opposition protesters in Iran in response to the Mahsa Amini protests. The latter lead him to become pro-ASMR.

In circa September 2022, 2011Windows7SP1 was now called as P1utia, but the rename didnt took effect before December 2022.

In May of the same year, 2011Windows7SP1 supports the BBM-Sara coalition in the 2022 Philippine elections, citing pro-Neptunia related interests.

In March 2022, 2011Windows7SP1 created its own new identity, nicknamed P1utia or Plutia7601.


In Discord, 2011Windows7SP1 was known by some Windows tech users as a Neptune5111 wannabe, due to having a similar fandom they have, which is Neptunia, but the difference is that Neptune5111's fave Neptunia character was Neptune aka "Purple Heart" and 2011Windows7SP1's fave being Plutia aka "Iris Heart".

2011Windows7SP1 entered into Windows Community after circa September 2021.

After July 2021, 2011Windows7SP1 became a Neptunia fan, but its not that much known until fall 2021.

Crydiaa Arab Republic was renamed to 2011Windows7SP1 on May 2021 to comply with the standards from the Windows Community at that era and avoid impersonation with the content creator Crydiaa. The name "2011Windows7P1" was formed from his simping to Crydiaa on the "SP1" name part and "2011Windows7" being influenced by 2013Windows8.1. However sometime it was improved in August 2021 in preparation of Neptunia related influence.

For unknown reasons, the channel was suddenly renamed to Crydiaa Arab Republic, but it was subsequently renamed again in May with the name 2011Windows7SP1.

Since March 2021, LuckyCrydiaa was renamed to LuckyCryWinScenic. This lasted until April.


Since September 2020, it was renamed again to LuckyCrydiaa 中華民國, and in rare case last December 2020, it was renamed to "LuckyCrydiaa SSR", before eventually reverted to LuckyCrydiaa Republic.

After the post-rename, the channel now started Windows and BSOD videos.

In circa June 2020, ArianaGrandeLite2006 was renamed to BSODHubAndreiByCrydiaa'sCrushByGachaLife Channel. This lead to the formation of the shorter name that succeeded gachafan2018 called iLoveCrydiaa. The name "iLoveCrydiaa" is still in use to this day.

ArianaGrandeLite2006 returned back to YT on June 2020 after its hiatus that started in circa July 2019.


ATNGFE2006SEAPH was renamed to ArianaGrandeLite2006, and after that the channel were under hiatus.

ATNGFE2006SEAPH's create its own short name for their TVC's. It's called "gachafan2018".

In early 2019, AKP on YT was renamed to ATNGFE2006SEAPH// NightcoreLunimeFanatic2019.


In fall 2018, he becomes pro-Gacha, however it wasnt that enforced until 2019.

In August 2018, AKP on YT's pfp was changed based on Gacha Studio


For unknown reasons, in November 2017, AKP on YT's pfp was reverted to an Star Wars one.

In August 20, 2017, AKP on YT become an MLP fan, thus making it distinct from the pro-Disney youtubers like ESM on YT and VTM on YT, however it only lasted until February 2018.

March 27, 2017 will mark the establishment of the channel, under the name of AKP on YT. It's naming scheme is similar to VTM on YT and ESM on YT.