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P1utia7601's Website


I'm P1utia7601, a tech enthusiast, who does a lot of experiments and crap on Windows.

And i'm also heavily into mapping, geopolitics and creating Countryballs, if you don't know.

I also like ASMR and it's content creators like Dude That's Wholesome, Varyunya, Skylar Kuam, Yubi VA, SavageNami and other ASMRtists.

I also simp, but limited only for DTL, Darling Strawb, Skylar Kuam and Varyunya.

And BTW i'm a centrist-rightist type of guy here interms of politics (with a hinch of neutrality) and hates Islamism, because of something related to Andrew Tate propaganda or its effects on Middle East and Turkiye.


And here is the quote of the month today: